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Lung Cancer Awareness

Lung cancer is the most dreadful and in fact the leading cancer killer in the world; thus lung cancer awareness will prove to be of great importance to the people. Lung cancer awareness is an official campaign which is held in the month of November where experts and interested parties join hands to try and inform the public on the dangers and ways to avoid this menace of a disease. It is during this month when most people all over the world come together to hold events, write articles, hold fundraisings, hold walks and runs, update status on face book, purchase t-shirts and ribbons. Issue proclamations all in the aim of bringing into awareness of the lung cancer.

These all help in shining a light on the lung cancer vigil. Events are coordinated in each and every country to try and curb this killer disease. Information on how to curb lung cancer is spread by the media and the officials of the campaign. Fund raisings are made to help those succumbing to the disease and also to fund the entire education program. Selling of t shirts and ribbons to showcase and raise funds during this month are also done.

The white or colorless ribbon is the major symbol used in this month of lung cancer awareness. The public use it to show their support for the cancer victims which in turn gives them hope and kill the stigma many people have towards this disease. Sharing personal stories on the media or in person also helps to encourage others who might be losing hope since they have been diagnosed with the disease. Also support from corporate companies and congress aid majorly in purchasing maintenance medicine for the lung cancer victims.

Lung cancer is a bit more complicated than other cancers since diagnosis cannot be done until it is in a more mature stage. It also varies in symptoms and this varies with the location of the cancer or how big the tumor has grown. It might take as long as several years before the symptoms start showing; this is actually in its advanced stage.

Thus it is very hard to control the growth after one has been diagnosed with lung cancer. And since this can be prevented right from the start, the awareness campaigns encourage people to stop living lifestyles which are commonly known to lead to lung cancer. These include excessive smoking of cigarettes and other abusive drugs like bhang. The cancer awareness team goes ahead to clear the myth that getting cancer is generic or a bad luck; it is due to how you lead your life. They also give preventive measures for those diagnosed with the disease so as to prevent excessive growth and replication of the tumor.

It is the advocate’s efforts to ensure that each and every person suffering from lung cancer gets access to correct information and ensure that they make their own decisions on what kind of treatment are most preferable for them. Thus they will visit hospitals and health centers during this campaign so as to educate, encourage and listen to the views of the patients.

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